Cutting Your Storage Unit Expenses

If you find that you never have enough storage for your possessions, self storage would make your life much more convenient. But you might be discouraged from choosing self storage because you believe that it would be an unnecessary expense. But self-storage costs are not completely fixed and there are ways to keep your self-storage costs low.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Belongings

One way to keep self-storage costs low is to not store something in the first place. Always ask yourself if you really need what you are planning on storing. Many individuals use self-storage to free up space after their homes have been taken over by clutter. It may be time to think about whether you really use your possessions and whether it may be time to sell, donate or recycle some of them.

Maximize the Use of Your Storage

What you store in your self-storage unit will affect how much of the storage space you will be able to use. If you store a lot of irregularly shaped possessions in storage, you may find that much of your self-storage space goes unused. Instead, try to store possessions that are in uniform boxes. Also, if possible, add shelves to the storage unit so that you take advantage of more vertical space without creating a stack of boxes that might topple over.

Get a Long-Term Contract

Storage rates can fluctuate. Therefore, if you find rates that you are happy with and you know that you will be using storage for the long-term, try to lock in the rates with a long-term contract. Also, storage units are more likely to offer lower rates if you agree to a longer contract. For example, rather than getting a 6 month contract, choose a year-long contract.

Find Out if Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy Covers Belongings Not at Home

Storage units might offer an insurance policy, but this may be unnecessary and you could ask to have the insurance policy waived. Your homeowner's insurance policy might cover possessions stored away from your home for up to a certain amount. If so, ask to waive the storage unit's insurance policy.

Certain services will increase the rate of your self-storage, such as climate-control and extra security. If you only store possessions that do not need a climate-controlled space, you can often find a lower rate. Also, if your homeowner's insurance policy insures your belongings, you may not need as much security because you will be reimbursed for your stolen possessions.

Get the Referral Bonus

Find out if the storage facility provides a referral bonus. Then, you can receive cash back for referring friends or family members to the storage unit. Storage rates are usually not that expensive, but if you can slash costs wherever you can, it will make a difference in your home budget. Contact your local storage unit providers, such as, for more information.