Four Woodworking Projects For Outdoor Furniture That Matches Cedar Fencing

If you want to have an attractive and practical fence around your home, cedar materials are a great choice. They are a durable wood material, which can also be used for other features such as outdoor furniture. There are many things that you can do to build cedar furniture that matches your fence for outdoor living space. Here are some projects with cedar lumber that will help blend your landscaping design and living space in with your cedar fence: 

1. Building Adirondack Chairs And Bench Seating

Adirondack chairs can be a great starter project if you do not have much experience with woodworking. There are many different plans for chairs that are simple to follow and can be done in a day. You may want to try a single chair first, then move on to a scaled up project to build an Adirondack style bench or love seat.

2. An Outdoor Storage Chest For Storing Outdoor Materials

There are many things that you may want to store outdoors. You may have materials like outdoor games and materials like tools. Having these things spread all over your lawn may not be attractive. An outdoor storage chest can be a great solution for these problems. You can use corrugated plastic and weather stripping to make the interior of the chest water tight. Building it yourself, you will also be able to make it any size you need.

3. A Cedar Pergola To Integrate Into The Design Of Your Fence

You may also want to have landscaping structures to match your fencing and provide shade. Pergolas are a great solution to give your garden a covered area. The cedar materials can even be integrated into your fence design. If you want a covered area, you can also install a canvas beneath the pergola to create a covered seating area for your backyard.

4. Simple Planters And Tables For Your Outdoor Living Space

Planters and tables may be other simple projects that you want to take on. If you have leftover cedar lumber from your fence, you can build simple boxes for these features. For the planters, you may want to line the interior with a landscaping plastic to protect the wood. For the tables, you can turn a box upside down, take off the sides and add a bottom shelf for storage.

These are some projects that you may want to do for outdoor furniture that matches your cedar fence. If you need to have help with some of these features, contact a pergola service (such as Rocky Mountain Fence & Deck) to help you with some of the bigger projects.