Preparing Your Home For A Winter Storm: Four Essential Items You Need To Weather The Weather

Winter storms can leave your home without heat and power, and heavy snowfall can leave you without a way to get to emergency help. Preparing your home for winter storms will keep you and your family safe and secure until the weather clears. Here are four essential items you need in your home for the winter season.

Emergency Generator

An emergency generator is critical for powering lights and essential appliances in your home. If you have electric heat, a generator is your lifeline to staying warm until power is restored. Homes with well water will need electricity to have access to toilets and running water. Talk to your local generator dealer like Anderson Water Systems to determine the generator you need to meet your home's size and power requirements.

You'll need something a bit more powerful if you have a well and electric heat, and you'll need something a little less powerful for powering just your lights and appliances. Choose a home generator with a transfer switch that lets you seamlessly move from your home's main power source to your generator, and be sure you have extra fuel to power the generator during prolonged winter storms.

Emergency Food Supply

You'll likely have advanced warning of a snow storm, which should give you enough time to head to the local grocery store for bread, milk and perishable items. However, if a storm becomes worse than expected and you haven't stocked up on supplies, you could face a long wait until you are able to head to the store. Keep a supply of nonperishable foods, such as canned soups and vegetables, in an area that is separate from your kitchen pantry.

This supply should be reserved for emergencies only, so you aren't tempted to dip into it during non-emergency conditions. Be sure to keep dog or cat food for your pets in this area as well so every member of your family stays nourished during the storm.

Phone Chargers

Keep your smartphones charged and ready in case you need to contact emergency services or check on relatives living nearby. Keep extra chargers in your emergency supply kit, and consider adding a few portable phone chargers so you can keep your items charged without using extra power from your generator. You can use these portable chargers to power your tablet computers and other personal devices, so you and your family can use them to watch movies or play games until the weather clears.

Kerosene Or Propane Heaters

Kerosene and propane heaters can help to keep your home warm without draining your standby generator. Be sure to only use the heaters in a room that is occupied, and use them only in rooms with adequate ventilation. Keep the heaters away from your generator and backup fuel sources to prevent a fire, and place them away from curtains and any flammable objects. In an emergency situation, these heaters can keep you and your family toasty warm until power is restored to your home.

Keep these essential items stored in one area in your home for quick access during a storm. You can also add other items such as extra blankets, shovels and sidewalk salt to your winter storm preparedness kit so you are ready for whatever winter has to offer.