Effective Ways To Stop Scorpions From Scampering Across Your Property

If you live in a desert climate where scorpions are prevalent and you have seen a couple of them congregating around the exterior of your home, discourage them from staying on your property with the following methods. Scorpion stings can be painful and in rare cases can cause death, making these pests a scary sight that you will want to eliminate as soon as possible.

Plant Lavender

Lavender is a plant that naturally repels scorpions, as well as many other common pests that may enter your property. Purchase some small lavender plants form a nursery or garden center and plant them along the sides of your home. The plants will create a decorative border and are easy to care for. All that you will need to do to keep them healthy is water them whenever weather conditions are hot and dry. The plants will emit a pleasant scent that you will enjoy whenever you spend time outdoors. 

Spray Your Property With Citrus Oil

D-limonene is a colorless hydrocarbon that is found in citrus oil. If a scorpion ingests citrus oil, respiratory distress often occurs. Spray your home's exterior with a generous amount of oil and wipe it over the sprayed surfaces with a sponge. The oil will ward off any scorpions that are present and will prevent new ones from walking closely to your home.

Citrus oil is safe to use around people and animals, making it a natural pest repellent that is favored by many. Reapply citrus oil several times throughout the year to continue providing your home with effective pest protection.

Take Away Their Living Quarters

Scorpions tend to hide in dark, damp locations. If you have any lumber or loose building materials located near your home, carefully inspect and remove them from your property. Keep your lawn cut regularly and place garbage in cans with tight-fitting lids. Inspect your home's exterior for small holes. If any are found, fill them with caulking to prevent scorpions from entering your home. Once materials are no longer available for any scorpions to hide in, any that are located near your home will begin looking for a location further away to spend time in. 

If you use all of the methods to discourage scorpions, an infestation may never become a problem. Of course, if you are unsuccessful with your efforts and notice more scorpions than usual, hire a pest control company to assist with eliminating them.