Landscaping Your Home? Consider These 3 Eco-Friendly Materials You Can Use

With more people looking to go green in the way they live their daily lives, it can even extend to materials that they use for landscaping their home. Instead of using brand new materials for landscaping, here are 3 options that are more environmentally friendly at your disposal.

Sand Made From Recycled Glass

A popular landscaping material you should consider is sand made from recycled glass. You may have heard of it being used in sand traps at golf courses, but you can use it anywhere that you need regular sand. This includes sand needed for a foundation under walkways or step stones.

The material is made by pulverizing glass until it has a consistency that is similar to sand. It doesn't have sharp or jagged pieces in it due to how the glass is crushed. It is an affordable and safe choice that puts old glass bottles to good use.


Using mulch is a great way to reduce the amount of weeds that grow in a garden, and improve the ground's moisture levels. Mulch contains many types of eco-friendly materials.

Old milk jugs and plastic juice containers can be turned into tiny pieces in mulch. Old tree leaves can be collected during each fall to create a temporary organic mulch that needs replacement each year. Old grass clippings can also be collected while cutting the lawn. Mixing them with leaves will create a great compost that you can use as a mulch.

If you have the space for a compost container, you can use it to recycle all of the organic waste in your home. Not only will it reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, but using organic materials as compost will improve the moisture retention of the soil. You also won't need to use chemicals to fertilize the soil as well.

By including mulch into your landscaping, it will improve the appearance and health of all your plants.

Landscape Edging Made With Recycled Materials

Using edging material is a great way to prevent grass and plants from growing into places that you do not want them. It also will make a distinct line where plants and flowers should be, which makes a yard look neat and well maintained. Consider purchasing a landscape edging material that is made out of recycled plastic, such as old milk jugs. Even though the edging is made with recycled material, it is just as strong as a material made with new plastic.

If you need help purchasing any of these materials, reach out to a local mulching contractor (such as one from Mulch Masters) for assistance.