Stylish Ways To Use Granite In The Kitchen

Granite is one of the most common materials used in the kitchen. It is a luxury material, but granite is as durable and low-maintenance as it is beautiful. Granite kitchen countertops can be an understated way to utilize the material in your kitchen. However, it's also possible to showcase the use of granite in your kitchen.

Dark Granite and Light Cabinetry

Dark and light naturally complement each other. If you have a contemporary kitchen, Home and Garden TV suggests utilizing dark granite with light or even white cabinetry. Stainless steel appliances and fixtures further the modern appeal of such a kitchen. You can choose to add pops of color with accent pieces or keep the look austere.

Light Granite and Rich Cabinetry

On the literal other end of the spectrum is light or white granite. Pure white granite is rare – you're more likely to find white flecked with gray or black. However, such a countertop still complements rich-hued wood such as cherry. If you want a neutral or warm profile instead, consider light beige granite flecked or marbled with brown tones. Likewise, pull out one of the tones for your wall color.

Colored Granite

Granite also comes in brighter shades such as red, green or blue. It's possible to find granite slabs with a neutral base and bright-colored flecks. However, granite also comes with the bright colors as a base. These slabs are very eye-catching and match well with a neutral background. Alternatively, consider using bright-colored granite for accenting, such as on a bi-level island or even as a backsplash. Bright-colored granite is ideal for a modern or retro kitchen, though it can be charming in a farmhouse style as well.

Honed Surface

When you think of granite, you probably imagine a glossy surface. While this is the most common finish, it's not your only option. During the polishing process, manufacturers can cut down on the buffing. The result is a low-gloss sheen similar to a soapstone surface. This casual finish makes a beautiful addition to a cottage or country kitchen. However, if you select a dark granite, it can also be elegant in more contemporary style kitchens.

Tiled Granite

One method for promoting the beauty of granite but mitigating the cost is with granite tiles. These are often constructed from remnants, though they feature the same striking appearance as a slab. Because the pieces are smaller, though, they often come at a reduced cost. Granite tiles can be used for standard countertops or as accent pieces to another material. They also look attractive as a backsplash. For example, tiles would be a chic method for integrating the brighter-colored granite into your kitchen.

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