Keeping Area Rugs From Sliding Across A Hardwood Floor

If you keep area rugs in your home to help with the elimination of debris from your hardwood flooring, you may notice at times they will slide across the surface, making it scary for someone to use them as they are is a safety risk. Keeping wood floors protected from unnecessary scuffing is important, however, keeping an area rug in place is key to user safety. Here are some ways you can keep your area rugs safely in place, saving your flooring from damage while keeping people from sliding as well.

Purchase Heavy-Duty Rug Pads

If your area rugs are made from material, they do not have the necessary traction to grip onto the floor. When the floor has recently been cleaned, the rugs are even more likely to slide when someone walks upon them. Consider purchasing rug pads to adhere to the back of your rugs. Find a rug pad that comes with a self-adhesive sticky side. This rubber backing can be adhered directly to the rugs, giving them ample gripping power as a result.

Make Your Own Foam Backing

While rug pads are the best bet in keeping your rugs in place, there is an alternative you can try if you need a quick fix. Purchase non-slip rubberized shelving liner material to use on the bottoms of your rugs. This material is inexpensive and can be applied with a heavy-duty glue. Place a square of material in each corner of the undersides of your area rugs or apply lines of the liner across the length of the undersides of the rugs for the best protection.

Check Out Bath Accessories

Another way to keep a rug from sliding on a wood floor is by using bathtub stickers as foam gripping. These stickers are sold in the bathroom section of a home goods store. They are usually applied to the flooring in a porcelain bathtub or shower to give wet feet an area to grip onto so falling is less likely. These stickers can also be placed on the underside of a rug to instantly keep it in place.

Stick With Appropriate Rugs

Take a trip to your local home goods store to buy new area rugs for your home if you find you are having difficulty keeping your current ones from sliding. Look for rugs that already have rug pads secured to the underside of the material. A rug pad will cover the entire surface of the rug, giving it maximum effectiveness in staying put.