Letting Your Light Shine: 5 Fabulous And Unexpected Ways To Illuminate Your Yard

Landscape lighting isn't something that most homeowners give a lot of thought to. But it can make the difference between having a standard, ho-hum landscape and something that really wows your guests. Here are five lighting techniques that can make your yard really come to life in the dark.

Moonlight. Lighting up your trees adds a sense of romance to a backyard. Downlighting -- often called "moonlighting" -- involves placing lights 20 or 30 feet high in the trees and structures, then shining it strategically downward into your yard. The spectacular effect produced by such soft lighting can transform your yard into a nighttime wonderland. 

Outlining. Rope lighting can give your yard a fun border that you can use to create designs and highlight certain areas. String rope lighting around flower beds, at the base of retaining walls, or along walkways for a dramatic effect in a dark space. Or hang it underneath the railing on a deck or patio to create a fantastic border for your entertaining space. 

Panels. Translucent panels serve a dual purpose. During the day, they can provide some privacy or separation for zones in the yard, such as on a deck or patio. By night, place a soft lamp behind them to create a glowing square that brightens up that same entertainment area with a soft glow.

Underwater. If you have -- or are planning -- a water feature, consider how you can light it up. Submersible lighting comes in many shapes and colors, so you can choose between traditional white lights, a single accent color, or a variety of colors to go with the time of year. Some pond lighting can even be altered with the press of a button on a remote control, allowing you to be artistic with your decorating. 

Pendants. Don't underestimate the value of using a great pendant lamp in your landscaping design. While few people think of such hanging lamps as an outdoor decorating tool, they can really dress up a space. Choose a pendant lamp that fits your yard theme -- such as traditional, eclectic, or romantic -- and use it to create a focal point in your entertaining area, under a pergola, as a gazebo centerpiece, or over an entrance door. 

Modern lighting choices give you much more to choose from when it comes to outdoor illumination than you may have thought possible. By using one or more of these fabulous lighting styles, you can create something truly special in your very own backyard. You can learn more by going here.