Assisting in the Bathroom Remodel for Your Elderly Parent? 3 Features to Include

Improving the look and function of the bathroom in your parent's home can be a great way to make them more confident as a homeowner as well as make their home safer for them. If you've decided to help with planning or doing some of the building work for your parent's bathroom remodel, it's a good idea to look into which features will be the most valuable to you. If you're eager to get the bathroom remodeled and want safety to be the top priority, consider the following three features.

Non-Slip Flooring

With the amount of moisture typically present in a bathroom, the risk of a slip and fall is much higher here than in another area of the home. This means that you'll need to prioritize having non-slip flooring put in. While laminate or tile can look nice, you'll need to include some texture that will provide better footing. Even a carefully placed rug can help reduce the risk of a fall, making it vital that you focus on having something done to the floors to ensure that your elderly parent won't be at a high risk of falling.

Safety Bars on the Walls

Another thing that can be so valuable to include in a bathroom designed for an elderly person is safety bars. Having safety bars on the walls will help ensure that your parent has something secure to grab onto when moving through the bathroom. The safety bars should also be located in the bathtub or shower to allow for them to get in and out with ease.

Walk-In Tub

A standard bathtub requires the bather to take a step over the rim of the tub. This can be difficult for your parent as they get older, making a walk-in tub much more comfortable for them. With a water-sealed door that allows them to get in and out, they can still enjoy taking a bath without the concern of falling as they move. Walk-in tubs also come in a wide variety of styles, helping ensure that your parent is still able to get the bathroom that fits their personal style and square-footage needs.

As you look into what options to implement in the bathroom for your parent, you need to focus on safety. With your parent getting older, it is becoming more important that you have features implemented in their home that will make them more comfortable and less at risk of a fall. Look at the offerings of companies such as Bath Planet Inc to get started.