How To Style A Mantel For Christmas

Whether you have a wood burning fireplace or have one of today's modern gas inserts, a fireplace mantel cries out to be decorated at Christmas. It's the perfect place to add a little holiday cheer in your home; however, the options are numerous and can be overwhelming. Read on for some ideas on how to style your mantel for Christmas.


If your fireplace is in a rustic room of your home, full of wood, and reminiscent of a ski lodge in the winter, consider a rustic mantel design. String burlap or shabby chic stockings along the underside of the mantel, and grace the top with low flickering candles, a bit of greenery, and a wooden bowl full of oversized pinecones. 


A mantel is the perfect place to showcase a collection, and if you have a collection of antiques, put them on the mantel for a distinctly Americana feel. Go through your collection of antiques and select the ones that are in Christmas colors. A red metal firetruck toy next to a couple of red painted lanterns will look beautiful on this mantel. Fill in the empty spaces with old framed pictures of Santa Claus or a collection of bells that can help ring in the season. 


If you like a little luxury in the winter, consider using luxurious materials on your mantel. Decorations covered in fur or feathers look and feel warm and luxurious. Fur stockings, a fur-covered or feather-covered wreat,h and a garland of fur pom-poms dangling below the mantel look beautiful and elegant. 


Choose a single color that evokes the holiday for you, and shop your home to find items in that color. A turquoise vase filled with greenery or LED-lit branches next to a bowl full of turquoise glass ornaments will look beautiful on a mantel draped with strings of turquoise beads. If one color looks boring to you, choose to add a metal that complements your color, like silver or gold. The key to making this look interesting is filling your mantel with items of various heights. 


If you like an outdoorsy look, bring the outdoors in for Christmas. Drape the mantel with fresh garlands, hang an unadorned fresh wreath over the mantel, and hang stockings in a neutral color under the mantel. For a little color, include glass vases filled with fresh flowers or put electric tealights on the mantel to add a little extra flickering cheer. 

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