Planning To Add A Patio To Your Home This Summer? Types Of Cover Options

If you are planning to add a patio to your home this summer, you have many options to consider. One of the first things you should consider is having protection from the elements while sitting outside on your patio. The best way to do this is by using different types of cover options. There are many types to choose from on the market today, which can make it difficult to decide what would work best for you. If so, below are some different types you will find to help get you started.


A louver patio cover features a series of louvers that attach to each side of the patio, usually by clips and end caps. You can control the louvers by the touch of a button or manually. Because of this, you can quickly open or close the louvers if rain hits suddenly or if the sun becomes too hot. You have the option to not open the louvers fully so you have control over how much sunlight shines on your patio.


The least expensive option is using an umbrella. You can purchase more than one table to group them together to have more coverage. Purchase an umbrella that is colorful and bright to add some color to your backyard. You can easily remove the umbrella, if needed.

To dress the umbrella up, you can place LED lights around it to add some more light to your backyard and make the umbrella more visually appealing.

The poles for umbrellas are generally made of wood or aluminum. The fabric for the umbrella should be resistant to water and mold and mildew. It should also be durable, have fade resistance, be easy to clean, and have resistance to the sun's damaging rays.


If you like the look of lattice, this type of patio cover would work well for you. Lattice patio covers are rectangle in shape and are made of durable wood, such as cedar, teak, or redwood. The type of wood is important, as using one of these types will ensure the cover lasts a long time for you. Because there are openings in a lattice patio cover, you can add a covering over it to block out rain and the sun's rays, if you prefer.

Talk with a patio cover company, such as Apollo Opening Roof, to learn much more about these patio covers to help you come to the best decision.