Tips to Make Combatting Weeds Easier

Weeds can be a problem that you will need to constantly battle in order to keep your landscaping in the best condition possible. However, if you are new to caring for a yard, you might benefit from learning several tips that can greatly reduce the difficulty of minimizing the weeds in your yard.

Install Weed Netting on Your Lawn and Flowerbeds

Preventing weeds from germinating can be one of the most effective options for combating this problem. However, homeowners often do not realize that weed netting can be a highly effective way of achieving this goal. When weed netting is installed, germinating weeds will be unable to make it through the netting, and this will cause them to die. However, this netting is designed so that grass will be able to easily grow through it. Due to the difficulty of correctly installing this net, you should consider hiring a professional landscaping firm to complete this upgrade for you.

Use Hot Water to Remove Weeds from Cracked Pavement

Over the course of time, cracks are likely to form in the pavement on your property, and these cracks can allow weeds to start growing. In addition to causing aesthetic problems, these weeds can also worsen these cracks by gradually forcing the pavement apart. Due to the positioning of these weeds, they can be remarkably difficult to remove, as they will often return if you do not remove all of the roots.

A simple and chemical-free way of addressing these weeds is through the use of boiling water. By pouring boiling water on the weed, you can kill the roots, and this will both neutralize the weed and prevent it from returning. To help make it easier to pour the water on only the weed, you may want to use a tea kettle for this task, as the spout will make it easy to accurately direct where the water lands.

Wait Until After You Water to Pull Weeds

When weeding flowerbeds and your lawn, you will want to wait to perform this maintenance after watering the lawn or following rainstorms. During these times, the soil will be moist, and that will make it easier to remove the roots of the weeds when you pull them. While this may cause you to get some mud on your hands or clothing, this can be a minor inconvenience compared to having to dramatically reduce the amount of labor that you must expend to keep your yard looking great.

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