6 Creative Ways To Use Stone Countertops In Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the place where you cook, entertain and spend time with the people you love. Stone countertops are one way to make this special part of your home look beautiful and inviting. Here are six fun and creative ways to use stone countertops in your kitchen. 

Get Color

You don't have to go for neutrals in your kitchen. Express your personality by choosing a fun color that you'll love seeing each day. Stone countertops come in vivid blues, pretty pinks, and even eye-catching reds. You have a whole range of colors to choose from when you select the right style for your counters, so pick a color you love. 

Go Thicker

Thick countertops are stylish and make your space more sophisticated. Create drama with a slab that is 2 inches thick or more. It will add another dimension to your kitchen decor and provide a great focal point. 

Mix it Up

For a one-of-a-kind kitchen design, use two or more styles or types of stone. Choose one countertop style around the edge of your kitchen, and pick something different but complimentary for your kitchen island or bar. 

Wrap it Up

Wrapped countertops have a very distinctive look that you will love in your kitchen. A wrapped countertop doesn't end when your counter does. Instead it continues down along the sides and all the way to the floor. This modern style provides a beautiful flow and is a great alternative to your cabinets' plain, wooden sides. 

Choose the Dark Side

Most people choose countertops in a light color. You can shake things up in your kitchen by going with something dark. Choose a stone countertop in a midnight blue or even black to bring an amazing style your kitchen.

You can choose dark wood and stainless steel with your countertops to create a truly dramatic space, or you can compliment your dark colors with lighter pieces. Either choice is stunning and unique. 

Show Your Curves

Consider adding some curved spaces to your countertops. Stone countertops can be created in a curves shape, which works great on an island or bar where people are sometimes seated. It gives the sense of a table and connects people. 

Stone is a terrific, versatile material for your new kitchen look. From color to shape to design, there are are so many options with stone that it's easy to express your own personality and style.