4 Common Home Pest Control Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Spiders, termites, ants, and bedbugs—these small pests evoke feelings of unease and panic among many homeowners. While it is impossible to transform your home into a complete barrier against pests, there are some measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of pest infestations becoming a problem. Specifically, there are several common home pest control mistakes you'll want to avoid as a homeowner!

Using Spray to Kill Ants on Contact

You can find insect-killing spray at your local grocery store for just a few bucks a bottle, and it's quite effective at killing off insects immediately upon contact. However, while this might solve the short-term problem, killing ants on contact with these sprays can actually make infestations worse in the long-run. That's because the residue left from the spray will cause ant colonies to change their pattern of travel and move in different directions, which can make locating and eradicating the source more difficult.

Failing to Consider Pet Hazards

Another extremely dangerous mistake to avoid when it comes to home and yard pest control is failing to read the labels on any pest control products you purchase. Specifically, be careful to read up on whether or not products are safe for any household pets. The last thing you want is to put your beloved pet in danger by spraying pesticides or placing down traps that could harm them.

Ignoring the Source of Pests

All too often, homeowners wait until they're facing a pest problem in the home to consider what they could do to prevent it in the first place. Specifically, it's best to take time each year to caulk around gaps in your foundation, around windows, and the like. This is where most pests will enter the home, and by blocking off these access points, you can very well avoid an infestation in the first place.

Forgetting About the Yard

Don't forget about pest problems that could start in the yard. For example, stacking old firewood close to your home is a potentially dangerous mistake, as this could attract termites that could then make their way into your home and cause major structural damage. Always keep both your home and perimeter of your home clear of such debris that could attract pests.

By avoiding these common pest control mistakes as a homeowner, you can reduce your chances of having to deal with a pest problem in your home. For more information, check out websites like http://www.asepestandweedsupplies.com.