Managing The Natural Stone For Your Project

Natural stone can be one of the most popular options for pathways, flooring, and other surfaces. While natural stone will be extremely durable once it has been installed, individuals will often fail to follow all of the best practices when using natural stone in their project.

Account For Waste Or Mistakes When Ordering The Stone

When you are ordering the natural stone for your project, it is advisable to always include additional stone in your order. This will allow you to avoid major impacts from mistakes or other issues that result in some of your natural stone being spoiled or wasted. If you do not want to order spare stone for the project, it is advisable to use a stone delivery service that can offer rapid delivery. This will minimize any disruptions that may occur.

Avoid Damaging The Stone Before It Is Used

Unfortunately, individuals may not properly store their natural stone until they are ready to use it, and this can increase the likelihood of damage occurring to it before it can be used. More specifically, exposure to the elements can degrade some types of stone, and improper storage can increase the risk of impact damage occurring to the stone. When individuals overestimate the durability of the stone, they can increase the risk of these issues arising. Making sure to properly shield the stone and to keep it protected from other impacts will help to prevent damage from occurring. When you are using softer natural stones, this can be especially important.

Plan For The Stone To Be Sealed Soon After Installation

Sealing the stone is an important step in maximizing the lifespan of it. The sealant will be able to keep water and other substances from soaking into the stone, where they can degrade it or cause other damage. Unfortunately, individuals will often wait too long to have their stone sealed to provide effective protection. Making sure to have the stone sealed as soon as possible once it is installed should always be a priority. Unlike cement or asphalt, natural stone will not have to go through a curing process. This means that it will be eligible to be sealed immediately after it has been installed. While it can be easy to underappreciate the need to seal stone that is used indoors, sealing indoor stone will help to protect it from staining, mild scuffing and other types of damaging wear.

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