5 Furnishings To Make Your Hallways Attractive And Useful

Hallways are important parts of many homes, but they rarely get any attention when it comes to decorations and furnishings. No matter what size it is or what its purpose might be, your hallway can be made practical, beautiful, and comfortable. Here are five furnishings that might be the perfect complement for any space. 

1. Console Tables. Console tables are tall, narrow tables placed behind sofas in order to add decorative features to their rear. But they are often exactly the right height and width to fit along a hallway's empty wall. A large interior hallway might benefit from using a console table to decorate an otherwise empty space while an entry or exit hallway might need the additional surface space. 

2. Lamps. Make sure your hallways have plenty of lighting to prevent them from being both unsafe and claustrophobic. Many interior halls don't have windows or skylights and therefore need artificial lighting. While you could accomplish this with basic ceiling lights, why not add a decorative touch and control the type of light by using wall, table, or hanging lamps?

3. Storage. Hallway storage takes many forms depending on the location and use of the area. Entry and exit halls might need hooks, cubbies, cabinets, and high shelves. Interior hallways, on the other hand, may be better with built-in storage cabinets and shelves to house overflow from bedrooms, bathrooms, or family rooms. Narrow halls may need more of an approach to avoid taking up too much walking space. 

4. Seating. Short hallways generally don't need a place to sit down, but longer ones might benefit from a pit stop area. Seating, though, is very important at both front and back entry areas as people put on and take off outdoor gear. A small hallway might just have enough room for a single, sturdy but attractive chair while a larger area often looks great with a full bench.

5. Artwork. Even if you can't put much into a small hallway, dress it up with something artistic. A long empty wall is a great place to craft a gallery wall or even use oversize artwork. But the short end of the hall can be an excellent spotlight for one dramatic piece, a mirror, plants, or even a hand-painted mural. A very small space might just have room for a fun rug. Use this feature to give an underutilized space some personality. 

Want more ideas for furnishing and decorating all your hallways? Start by visiting a furniture store in your area today. With their selection and advice, you're sure to find just the right elements for any space. Contact a furniture store for more information.