Three Shapes To Consider For Your Home Elevator

Adding an elevator to your home can make it considerably easier and safer for your family members and guests to travel from floor to floor. A residential elevator can also add a certain degree of style to your home, which can be exciting if you like the idea of high-end amenities. When you approach a home elevator company to begin discussing plans for your elevator installation, one decision that you'll need to make is what shape you want the elevator to be. There are several different available options, each of which offers its own benefits. Here are three popular shapes.


Square is a popular shape for residential elevators. While you'll see a lot of rectangular elevators in office buildings, hotels, and other similar buildings, a smaller square shape will usually be sufficient for your residential elevator because it won't typically be carrying more than a couple of people at a time. Even a small square elevator will be spacious enough for people who are standing, while a slightly larger square shape will typically be sufficient for someone who uses an assistive device such as a wheelchair.


A lot of people favor circular elevators in their homes, as this shape tends to add a stylish and slightly futuristic look. Circular elevators are available in several sizes, but you'll often find them on the smaller side. If you plan to use the elevator while standing, rather than while using a wheelchair or other assistive device, you might be in favor of choosing a circular shape that is only slightly wider in diameter than the width of your shoulders. While the space inside of the elevator will be on the tighter side, the big benefit is that the elevator shaft won't take up much space in your home. A popular choice is to use a circular elevator next to a curved staircase as the two curved elements can look good together.


If you're looking for a shape that is a little more unconventional, you might consider a hexagonal home elevator. Many people favor placing this elevator in the corner of a room or a wide hallway, as the unique shape can often be a good visual fit next to where two walls meet. A hexagonal elevator can often feel a little more spacious than a square elevator, which can be desirable if you want the space to feel roomy when you're riding up and down. Contact a home elevator company, such as Professional Lift Solutions, to learn about the various shape options.