Gutter Cleaning Is An Essential Home Maintenance Chore That Protects Your Home From Water Damage

If your home has gutters, it makes sense to clean them out after all the leaves fall toward the end of autumn. However, gutter cleaning may be needed at other times of the year too. Any time the troughs are filled with needles, seeds, tree fluff, or leaves, your gutters should be cleaned out so they drain properly. Here's why gutter cleaning is an essential home chore and why calling a gutter cleaning service is a good idea.

Why Cleaning Your Gutters Is So Important 

Gutter cleaning may be a boring chore, but it's an important one. If wet leaves are left to decay in the troughs because they get stuck, the leaves can attract pests or become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. However, the most important reason to keep your gutters cleaned out is so rain won't back up and get your roof, foundation, or fascia boards wet. When that happens, your home can suffer from water damage.

How Often You Need Your Gutters Cleaned

How frequently you clean your gutters depends on how fast the gutters fill with debris. If you have several trees on your property that are close to your house, you may need to clean the gutters a couple of times each year. Otherwise, cleaning them after all the leaves drop from the trees in the fall might be enough. If you happen to have gutter guards on the troughs, then you may not need to clean your gutters as often.

Why Use A Gutter Cleaning Service

Cleaning gutters requires working from a ladder. This can be dangerous unless you're in good shape and are experienced with DIY home improvements. A cleaning service has all of the tools needed to clean your gutters inside and out, so it's easy for them to do the job.

Plus, they can clear clogs in the troughs and downspouts. They can even look for signs of damage, such as gaps in seams and loose hangers. They might make repairs if they provide that service, or just let you know repairs are necessary. Letting a professional check your gutters regularly is a good way to ensure your gutters stay in good shape.

You may want the cleaning service to come on a set schedule every fall and spring, or you may just call them when you notice the troughs have leaves stuck in them. However, if you ever see rain spilling over the sides of the troughs, don't wait too long to call, or else the rain could seep down into the soil next to your foundation and cause your basement to get wet.