Have A Small Back Patio Area You Want To Turn Into A Large Entertaining Space? Get A Custom Deck Today

If you only have a small slab of concrete behind your home or an old, damaged patio and you want a big outdoor space, talk with a custom deck builder in your area to get what you need. You can custom design the size, style, and how you want the outdoor space to be.

There are many options you can add to the exterior of the home besides just a deck, like a covered area where you are protected from the sun or rain, partial covering, and more. Here are things to ask for when getting a cost from the custom deck builders.

Composite Materials

Composite decking materials have a lot of advantages in comparison to real wood and are an ideal option for your new deck. Benefits of composite decking include:

  • Water-resistant 
  • No warping or splitting
  • Resistance to UV rays
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn't need to be repainted or sealed

The composite decking material can last up to 25 years and is a great option for an outdoor area to add to the home. You can add features to the deck like railings, multiple levels, bench seating, and flower boxes.

Since you are using a custom builder and customizing it to what you want, you can put in anything the builders are able to construct. Make sure you explore all your options before deciding on a layout.

Overhead Coverings

Adding an overhead covering to the deck allows the outdoor area more use. This could be done with an awning, pergola, or with an added overhang that is attached to the house. Talk with the custom decking professional to see what fits into your budget, and to see some design options and how each overhead covering could complement your house.

If you see yourself having an outdoor kitchen or outdoor grill in the future, let the deck installation professionals know so they can take this into consideration when they are figuring out the layout options and design. The location of water access and gas lines may determine where you can put different things like a grill, sink, and more.

Adding a deck to your home is an investment that you should see a return on if you choose to sell the house in the future. This also allows you the opportunity to have a living area that you can enjoy outdoors, and that you can have for relaxing or entertaining.

Contact a local deck-building company, such as 13TEN Renovations, to learn more.