Properly Caring For Your Home's Accordion Shutters

If you have recently purchased and installed accordion shutters for your home, you most likely want them to last a good number of years. Accordion shutters provide the convenience of being able to shut them at a moment's notice while giving your home a polished appearance no matter what position they hold. Here are some steps to follow to keep your shutters in good working order.

Remove Debris From The Shutter Tracking System

Your accordion shutters need tracks to enable them to be closed and opened when you desire. If debris becomes embedded in the tracking system your shutters rest within, there is a potential for them to become damaged when they are moved. Take the time to inspect the interior portion of the tracks on a routine basis. Use a small brush to remove loose debris. Eliminate caked-on debris with aid from a household cleaning agent. Simply spray the debris to moisten it and then remove it with a piece of cloth. Allow the track to dry in its entirety before you utilize your shutters.

Lubricate The Shutter Area To Keep Your Accordion Shutters Moving

A lubricating agent is needed to keep the rolling portions of your accordion shutters working as they should. To help in allowing your shutters to be opened or closed swiftly, add a lubricating agent to the metal tracking system whenever it appears dry. If you notice it is difficult to move your shutters, or if they become snagged partway across the tracking system, lubricating the track helps to get them to glide across it once again. It is important to check on the condition of the tracking system for ample lubrication, especially when outdoor conditions are excessively hot and dry.

Test Your Accordion Shutters Often To Keep Them Working Properly

If you fail to open or close your shutters regularly, there is a potential for them to become frozen in their existing position. To avoid this from happening, make it a priority to test the shutters even if you do not intend to alter their position. Simply open and close your shutters several times while inspecting the way that they move as you do so. If you notice they are not working well, cleaning the tracking system may help. To help you to remember to test the shutters, select a specific day of the week to conduct the opening and closing process. 

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