How To Style A Mantel For Christmas

Whether you have a wood burning fireplace or have one of today's modern gas inserts, a fireplace mantel cries out to be decorated at Christmas. It's the perfect place to add a little holiday cheer in your home; however, the options are numerous and can be overwhelming. Read on for some ideas on how to style your mantel for Christmas. Rustic If your fireplace is in a rustic room of your home, full of wood, and reminiscent of a ski lodge in the winter, consider a rustic mantel design.

3 Tips For Decorating With Drapes

Many people don't realize it, but there are important differences between drapes and curtains. Curtains are lighter and airier, and tend not to be as lengthy as drapes. Drapes are made of heavier fabric, and are usually designed to reach the floor, or at least close to the floor. Drapes can be harder to work with than curtains; they're more unwieldy and can have a more drastic impact on the room, which can be a bad thing if you choose the wrong drapes.

Assisting in the Bathroom Remodel for Your Elderly Parent? 3 Features to Include

Improving the look and function of the bathroom in your parent's home can be a great way to make them more confident as a homeowner as well as make their home safer for them. If you've decided to help with planning or doing some of the building work for your parent's bathroom remodel, it's a good idea to look into which features will be the most valuable to you. If you're eager to get the bathroom remodeled and want safety to be the top priority, consider the following three features.

Letting Your Light Shine: 5 Fabulous And Unexpected Ways To Illuminate Your Yard

Landscape lighting isn't something that most homeowners give a lot of thought to. But it can make the difference between having a standard, ho-hum landscape and something that really wows your guests. Here are five lighting techniques that can make your yard really come to life in the dark. Moonlight. Lighting up your trees adds a sense of romance to a backyard. Downlighting -- often called "moonlighting" -- involves placing lights 20 or 30 feet high in the trees and structures, then shining it strategically downward into your yard.

Four Tips For Choosing The Right Travel Pillow For Your Child To Use During A Long Trip

When traveling with small children, it is best to do everything in your power to keep them as comfortable as they can possibly be during the trip to ensure the trip is as pleasant as it can possibly be. One way to ensure that children are comfortable during a long flight or train ride is to have a travel pillow available for them to use. The guide below walks you through a few things to take into consideration when choosing a travel pillow for your child.